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welcome to organise my hen

Plan and organise everything for your friends hen do in one place to ensure that it is a party she will never forget…

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what’s it
all about?

Here at Organise My Hen, we have put together a completely free system (and it will always stay that way), to take the pain out of organising people when given the honour of arranging a Hen party.


how it works?

Organise My Hen is a system that allows you to: invite, organise, vote on location & activities, message all group members, create e-tickets with everything that you need to know, along with our Apple, Android and Windows mobile apps, you will always know where you are staying, who is on your group and what airport or train station you need to be at!

If you are the maid of honour, or are organising a hen party, you can register here
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We know that trying to organise a groups of people is a hard and thankless task. Therefore, we have created the Hen Manager for the maid of honour to control every aspect of the group.

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For any hen party whether it is one night, or a long weekend, we know that everything always boils down to cost. Therefore, we have created a cost calculator that allows the group to budget for every aspect of the party.

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We have not created just one mobile app, but we have created three for the iPhone, Android and Windows. Having everyones contact details, along with an iternary, means no-one gets left behind or lost.

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In addition to the mobile app, we have a good old fashioned tried and tested, "no batteries required" paper solution in the form of an e-ticket.

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We believe in democracy and that everyone should have their say. Therefore, we have created the voting feature which allows everyone to vote on aspects such as destination, accommodation, activities and restaurants.

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We know that there are some shenanigans, stories and gossips that are best kept quiet, which is why there is a private chat channel with no links to social media.

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Is it really free and what’s the catch? faq-open

Yes we are providing the system for free and there is no catch. To qualify for the free t-shirt and printed emergency cards, all you have to do is make a purchase through one of our affiliates. However the system, mobiles apps, e-ticket and all the other features and functions are completely free.

Do you organise Hen Parties? faq-open

No, we do not organise hen parties, but we provide all the tools for the maid of honour and hen party to make your lives easier. We hope that by using our system, you save yourselves enough money to buy more wine/champange and have a good time.

How do I get started? faq-open

If you are the maid of honour, then click here to register and start sending out invites to people who are going. If you are not the maid of honour, but want them to know about our system, then click here and fill out their details and we will send them an email so that they can register.

I am not the Hen organiser, how do I sign up? faq-open

To join a hen group, you need to be invited by the maid of honour, so you will need to get them to send you an invite. If the maid of honour has not signed up, then you will need to get them to register here and then they can invite you.

I have a suggestion on how to improve the website faq-open

We are always looking at ways of improving our website and mobiles applications, so if you have an idea or suggestion about how we can improve things, we would love to hear from you. For ideas that are really good and we add to our site, we have a number of goodies that we give away.
If you are the Hen organiser, click here to register
If you want to suggest Organise My Hen to someone, click here: